BAADER Launches the BAADER 608

26 Apr

Amid the world’s population expected to reach ten billion by 2050, the need for a more efficient use of our resources is becoming ever more apparent. For more than 50 years, the term BAADERING has been a synonym for gentle product refinement with maximum resource appreciation and value creation. The BAADERING technology paves the way for the food industry into a more sustainable future.

BAADER announces the launch of its latest machine supporting the BAADERING process, the brand-new BAADER 608. The most powerful and largest member of the BAADERING technology machine family takes this technology to the next level. Thanks to its improved design, this machine is the most innovative and hygienic of its kind. It sets new standards for food quality, value creation and process reliability, as well as for user-friendliness. 

BAADERING is an internationally recognized process of separating soft and solid components, elevating the value of the product at the same time. This technology helps produce the highest quality ground meat-free of bone, cartilage and sinews, ensuring the highest possible yield. Not only is the complex process of BAADERING a significant time-saver, it also provides decisive advantages to the quality of the processed goods.

Thanks to its innovative design, this machine sets new standards for food quality, value creation and process reliability. At the same time, it raises the benchmark for hygiene and food safety as well as being the most user-friendly machine of its kind.

Drainage slants on and in the housing ensure that water drains away anywhere. The interior of the machine and the control cabinet are easy to access. The front panel is quickly opened and requires no tools, so production can be resumed without unnecessary delays. 

A discharge belt for co-products maintains process reliability. The BAADER 608 has a new kind of product scraper that conveys the product from the machine with maximum care. This significantly reduces contact between the product and the machine, ensuring it retains its structure. 

An entirely new design principle made it possible to dispense with support rollers, which in turn improves hygiene. There are no duplications and no screw connections.  The pressure roller can be lowered even further for better handling, cleaning and adjustment options. 

Process safety is further increased by automatic adjustment of the squeezing belt and the support chain tension. Another aspect on the topic of user-friendliness and process safety is the new hydraulic-perforated drum tension. The touch display makes operating the BAADER 608 very simple. Various parameters can be set for different products and retrieved at any time, ensuring consistent quality and yield. Changing these settings is also very easy. The machine is ready for the future and comes with an interface for further data processing. 

The new BAADER 608 is available for sales from the 22nd of April 2021 via the local BAADER representatives.

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