SPG 2022
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Boosting Value of Fish Products through BAADERING


This product video demonstrates how the BAADERING technology of the BAADER 608 supports the value-add of fish products. BAADER offers six different machines for various capacities.  

BAADERING of various fish materials allows an optimally separated product, to the greatest possible extent, free from bones, fins, and other impurities while preserving the muscle fibre structure. The highest quality muscle meat is refined by this process.

For exemplary purposes, whitefish trimmings, collar bones and mainframes are baadered in this video leaving quality end products of various levels from white mince fish fillet without skin and blood adhesions suitable for surimi, grey mince for patties and burgers and mince with partial colouration for meatballs, fish sticks and fish chips. Besides meat capturing, the BAADERING process further allows gaining additional value with co-products such as fish bones to be used as fertilizer, food supplement, animal feed and more.

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